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NetTeller Home Banking

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If you do not yet have a NetTeller account, click here to read the disclosure and fill out an application.

Note: You must have a Bank of Wausau account. Click here to open an account.

NetTeller is Convenient, Reliable, Efficient�and FREE!

Available from your home or office personal computer, Bank of Wausau�s NetTeller gives you powerful banking resources at your fingertips. Now you can access your account information and transfer funds any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can even pay installment or mortgage loans right from your desktop. Ideal for individuals and small businesses, NetTeller is easy, secure, and completely free with all Bank of Wausau accounts.

With NetTeller, you get:
  • Free check inquiries

  • Free account balancing

  • Free fund transfers

  • Free statement downloads

  • Free balance inquiries

  • Free customer support

Use Bank of Wausau NetTeller to:
  • Check balances and activity in checking accounts, money market accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, IRAs, and loans.

  • Transfer funds between checking, money market, and savings accounts

  • Make payments to installment, commercial, and mortgage loans

  • View/print/download account histories

  • Communicate directly with Bank of Wausau

  • Access other financial services


NetTeller uses a secure server and is only available if your browser support secure communications. Netscape Navigator 7.1, Microsoft Internet Explore 6.0, and American Online 9.0 all have the required 128 bit encryption software. To begin using NetTeller, you must first complete an agreement identifying the accounts you wish to access. Upon receipt, Bank of Wausau will assign a NetTeller ID by the next business day. If you apply in person, Bank of Wausau will set up your ID immediately. The ID will be completely separate from your account number. In fact, your account number will never be used by NetTeller. NetTeller uses its own set of codes or numbers for added security. The Bank of Wausau will never ask for nor provide any account numbers nor social security numbers over the Internet.

  • A Bank of Wausau account or loan. Open an account.

  • Internet access

  • A secure browser with 128 encryption software (Netscape Navigator 7.1, Microsoft Internet Explore 6.0, and American Online 9.0 )

  • A NetTeller ID, available by completing an account application.