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The following financial calculators will assist you in planning, estimating, and exploring your financial options. Get clear and concise answers about your banking calculations:

Savings Calculators
  • Tax Advantage Savings Calculator - calculates the monthly deposit needed to reach a specific savings goal based on time and rate.
  • Value of Deposits Calculator- calculates the future value of deposits under various scenarios. Includes ability to change compounding methods to see effect of compounding. 
  • Retirement Planner Calculator - are you saving enough and in the right way to provide a sunny financial future for yourself
  • Kids Savings Calculator - calculates the amount of time needed to reach a specified savings goal based on rates and weekly deposits
Consumer & Auto Loans
  • Consumer Installment Loans - calculates monthly payment using rate, term, and principal balance.
  • Auto Lease vs. Purchase - compares the total annual costs of leasing versus purchasing.
  • Auto Rebates - compares the total cost of taking an auto dealers rebate and using an institution's loan vs. taking the manufacturer's teaser rate financing.
  • Auto Loan Versus Home Equity - calculate the cost differential between purchasing a vehicle through an auto loan or home equity financing. 
  • Home Equity Power - calculate approximately how much equity you have in your home to borrow against
Mortgage Calculators
  • Mortgage Loans - calculates monthly payment, using purchase price, down payment percentage, rate, and term.

  • Mortgage Qualifier - calculates the amount of mortgage you qualify for using income and expense information.

  • Rent vs. Buy a Home - itemizes the major differences between owning a home and renting an apartment. It calculates costs on a monthly basis for easy comparison with your rent.

  • Home Equity Borrowing Power - How much can you afford to borrow on a home equity loan?