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Loans & Lines of Credit

Stop in or contact us to speak with a Commercial Banker about any of our business banking services.

Today�s fast paced business environment makes commercial lending a necessity for most businesses. Bank of Wausau understands this and has the experienced personnel and extensive resources to support your borrowing requirements. Bank of Wausau�s wide variety of commercial loan programs includes:

Fixed Asset Financing

Bank of Wausau can finance your fixed assets such as equipment and fixtures on terms that fit into your company�s repayment plan.

Inventory Financing

Inventory management is critical to most businesses. Bank of Wausau can provide the necessary financing to meet your seasonal inventory demands.

Working Capital

Meet unexpected financial demands with working capital and lines of credit tailored to your individual business.

Flexible Financing

We offer a number of loan products which include SBA< WHEDA and other options to fit your borrowing needs.

Overdraft Protection

This option provides you with a pre-approved loan balance to draw against through your checking account and will automatically advance funds to your account when necessary to prevent an overdraft