Bank of Wausau




Business Checking

Bank of Wausau offers a variety of special services available with your business checking account. Choose as few or as many optional services as desired. Our goal is to give you the options you need to make banking with us as pleasant and convenient as possible. Stop in or contact us to speak with a Commercial Banker about any of our business banking services.


Small Business Checking
  • No minimum balance required

  • Low monthly fee of $3.00

  • No charge for up to 25 debits per month

  • No charge for up to 25 deposited on-us items

  • No charge for up to 25 deposited non on-us items

  • Monthly statement or E-statement

Lifestyle Money Market
High interest, Easy Access
  • Limited check writing

  • $2,500.00 minimum balance to earn interest   

  • No minimum deposit

  • No minimum withdrawal

  • FDIC insured

Check safekeeping

Check safekeeping is a convenient, easy, and free alternative to managing and storing cancelled checks. Instead of having to keep checks in countless boxes for years and years, we capture the image of each check and store it electronically on bank premises. You receive a monthly statement itemizing your checks in numerical order for easy statement reconciliation.

  • No more sorting checks into numerical order each month

  • No more filing checks in bulky storage boxes

  • No more searching for cancelled checks

  • No more copying cancelled checks

Reordering your Business Checks from Liberty

Now ordering checks or checking the status of your Bank of Wausau checks has been made easier and convenient.  All you need is the reorder form which comes with your personalized checks.  This reorder form  can be found on the second to last pack of checks you currently have.  Then Click here to reorder online from Liberty.

However, if you need to change any personal information on your checks, please contact a New Account Representative.  We can not process reorders with changes in address, phone, etc. via the Internet. We apologize for this inconvenience but are concerned about identity theft and have taken this precaution to protect our customers.