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Cash Management

Business 365 (Cash Management)

Business 365 is designed for the business customer wanting access to their accounts beyond normal banking hours. Business 365 allows you to take advantage of additional opportunities and get more accomplished. See a Business 365 specialist for more information on this exciting product. Stop in or contact us to speak with a Commercial Banker about using Business 365. 

Tools available include:
  • NetTeller on-line banking: view account balances, images of checks written and deposit tickets, transaction history, make account transfers, pay loan payments, and more

  • On-line ACH initiation capabilities: upload payroll and other ACHs directly from their computer software at a time convenient time

  • On-line wire initiation capabilities: initiate a wire transfer directly from your place of business on-line

  • Sweep Accounts: can be set up to provide overdraft protection for their checking account, can automatically pay down a line of credit, or can sweep into a savings or money market when the checking account reaches a predetermined balance

  • Zero Balance Accounts: ease accounting headaches by having all of the available balance sweep directly into a main operating account every night

  • Business line of credit overdraft protection: protect your checking account if the account becomes overdrawn

  • Auto reconciliation: save time by streamlining the monthly account reconciliation by down loading the information directly to your accounting software

  • Merchant Services: allows your business to accept credit and debit cards for point of sale transactions